Dear Patients,
We would like to welcome you to our joint dental practice with its own master dental technician laboratory.

You can find us at the MEDICUM Airfield Health Center, Konrad-Zuse-Str.14, 1st floor, directly across from Böblingen / Sindelfingen S-Bahn station.

We studied dentistry together at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen. In 2006, we took over the practice located at Bahnhofstr. 32 in Böblingen from Dr. Wolfgang and Dr. Renate Bonz.

Since 2017, we have offered the gentlest type of teeth cleaning using the newest Airflow machines from Switzerland. We now have appointments available during your lunch break and after 6 pm.

At our master dental technician laboratory, our experienced dental technicians work in close cooperation with us. Our range of services includes full ceramic crowns/inlays/veneers and implant-supported dentures. Additionally, we offer very complex dental prosthesis fabrication (e.g., removable bridges and telescopic dental prosthesis). The main advantage for you is that all the stages in the manufacturing process of your new teeth are carried out under one roof.

You will be able to express your wishes and ideas directly to our master dental technician laboratory and always have a direct contact person on hand. We exclusively use biocompatible dental materials procured directly from the manufacturer.

For 2019, we have decided to launch a new Homepage; we hope you enjoy reading all the information provided.

Corona information

Your safety during dental examination and treatments is our highest priority. Read further information about the protective measures we installed in our practice during the corona pandemic:

Round the clock UVC air sterilisation
Teeth cleaning during your lunch break
Our master technician laboratory
Laser Treatment
Our optimized appointment allocation system keeps waiting times to a minimum
Convenient and flexible payment in installments
Appointments at short notice for patients with acute pain

Dental prosthetic products manufactured at our master laboratory “Made in Germany”

At our practice, you will receive precision dental prosthetic products from our own master dental technical laboratory.

At our laboratory, we will make your dental prosthesis according to your wishes. Our laboratory can fulfill your requests with regard to color, size, and shape. Your dental prosthesis will be produced directly on-site. The use of biocompatible materials from the dental material market leader is of great importance to us.

Services and Therapies

Laser Snoring Treatment

As they get older, approximately 60% of men and 40% of women begin to snore. In severe cases, snoring can cause a reduction in the oxygen supply which in turn leads to disturbances affecting sleep. With the new anti-snoring laser treatment SNORE3, we can successfully treat many of those affected, who are known as regular snorers.

Professional Teeth Cleaning (PTC/Prophylaxis)

To permanently protect your teeth, gums, and periodontium and keep them healthy, regular professional teeth cleaning every three to six months is one of our most important preventive measures. Together, we can avoid bone degeneration caused by unidentified gum inflammation, which will allow you to retain healthy teeth well into old age making the need for implants obsolete! Contact us to create your tailored prophylaxis program.

Implant-Support Dental Prostheses

Nowadays, missing teeth can be replaced easily using titanium or ceramic implants. This makes it possible to implant fixed artificial teeth into a jaw which is entirely toothless. Removable dental prostheses can be stabilized using implants. For more information visit

Individual Prophylaxis for Children = Teeth Brushing School

We playfully take a first look at the child’s milk teeth as early dental checkups are recommended from 12 months old onwards.

Did you know that German statutory health insurance providers will carry all costs of twice-yearly individual prophylaxis for your children between the ages of 6 and 18? If not, arrange an appointment with your children for a checkup. We can help motivate your children to regularly brush their teeth. We use staining of the teeth to identify areas that are not being adequately cleaned to ensure that your children have healthy teeth from the start.

Esthetic Dentistry


Our gentle bleaching technique helps you to achieve noticeably whiter teeth in only one to two hours. However, an advance checkup is necessary to determine if the surfaces of the teeth that are to be bleached are intact. Before bleaching, professional teeth cleaning is always carried out.

Telescopic Dental Prosthesis

You do not want implants, but you still have some firmly anchored teeth? Then a removable telescopic dental prosthesis could be the right option for you. Telescopic prostheses have one significant advantage: They can be extended. This means that, if you were to lose more teeth, the telescopic prosthesis could still be effectively used – until the very last teeth. Our telescopic dental prostheses are entirely fabricated at our own master dental technician laboratory following your specifications.


Nowadays, ceramic inlays are the gold standard for the replacement of defect amalgam, plastic or composite fillings. At our practice, ceramic inlays are manufactured by hand with the highest levels of precision at our master dental laboratory and then permanently attached to your tooth in a complex process. Our inlays are characterized by their durability and high levels of aesthetic perfection. This is only possible through adhering to the highest standards of dental laboratory and dentistry excellence without compromise. On request, we can also manufacture gold inlays.

High-Quality Composite Fillings

A composite filling is not merely a filling made of plastic but of a special material containing ceramic particles. These ceramic particles in the filling material enable us to achieve exceptional aesthetic results in treating smaller defects in the area of the front teeth. Small teeth-colored composite fillings are also an option for the side teeth.

Total Dental Prosthesis

The total prosthesis is an older dental technique. Are your teeth flat and worn down? We can reconstruct a perfect smile for you to help you optimize your appearance.

Laser Treatment (Incl. PACT)

Our diode laser has become an indispensable tool for treating periodontitis infections. The laser light enables a far quicker and less painful wound healing process. Following laser treatment, in most cases, we are able to forego the prescription of antibiotics, some of which have significant side effects. Herpes lesions and aphthae can be treated rapidly and effectively using the laser.

Low-Radiation Digital X-Ray

Since 2006, we have exclusively been using digital x-ray techniques, resulting in a notable reduction of radiation exposure – around one tenth of that of a conventional x-ray.

Prosthesis Cleaning

During professional teeth cleaning, your prosthesis is disinfected and polished at our master dental technical laboratory.

Sport Gumshields

Whether boxing, football, martial arts, baseballs, or ice hockey, any tooth damaged or lost due to sports, especially in young people, is one tooth too many! Gumshields are a very wise investment.


A perfect smile made easy with veneers and non-prep veneers.

Veneers are thin full covers that are expertly fitted and fixed to your existing teeth and offer an unsurpassed aesthetic appearance.  For non-prep veneers, the teeth are not sanded down beforehand, i.e., we fix the very thin full ceramic covers directly onto your existing front teeth.

Naturally, we manufacture all our veneers at our master dental technician laboratory in Böblingen.

Full Ceramic Crowns

Full ceramic crowns are especially suitable for the front teeth due to their incredible natural look. We, of course, manufacture all our full ceramic crowns at our master dental technical laboratory in Böblingen.

Periodontitis Treatment, Incl. Laser Treatment

On average, 80% of the population suffers from periodontitis from the age of 40 - without having noticeable symptoms. Periodontitis leads to the deterioration of the jawbone over many years and does not cause any pain. Those affected often notice only bleeding of the gums, but usually do not think this is a more significant problem. If you notice bleeding of the gums when brushing your teeth or when flossing, then visit us for a checkup – healthy gums don’t bleed! In the ideal scenario, bone deterioration can be stopped, and professional teeth cleaning can be used to keep the remaining periodontium health following the course of periodontitis treatment.

Anti-Grinding Splint

Times of stress and overwork often cause us to clench our teeth. At night, we grind and press our teeth together. This can cause muscular tension, headaches and diffuse pain, affecting the jaw joint and chewing muscles. Anti-grinding splints have been designed to break this cycle.

White Fillings

We use composite fillings to treat small areas of caries. Composite fillings are comprised of a mix of ceramic particles (up to 70% ceramic) and a plastic component.

Soft Laser

Our PACT soft laser enables us to kill off 99.9% of all viruses in the root canal, gingival pockets, and herpes lesions.

Amalgam Replacement

Amalgam fillings must be replaced as soon as they either crack or break. The replacement fillings are made of tooth-colored ceramic inlays or tooth-colored composite fillings to treat smaller defects. Statutory health insurance providers will not cover the cost of removing intact amalgam fillings.

Flexible Anti-Snoring Dental Splints

Our flexible anti-snoring dental splints, without stiff metal hinges, will help you to get a good night’s sleep free from snoring.

How our anti-snoring dental splint works:

It is made up of one splint for the upper jaw and one for the lower jaw. The lower jaw is kept in place, or moved forward, via two wires which connect both splints. This helps avoid a narrowing of the respiratory tract.

The speed of the air passing through the respiratory tract decreases, and the fluttering of the soft tissue responsible for the noise is reduced. It is possible to move your jaw while wearing the splint, but the lower jaw cannot be moved backward.

This function makes the anti-snoring dental splint a comfortable and effective solution for snoring problems.

Clinical studies have shown that the bringing forward of the lower jaw notably reduces snoring in around 80% of all patients and can reduce the apnea index by as much as 50%.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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