Prophylaxis – Children

At the age of two and a half, most children have all 20 of their baby teeth. These teeth should be checked twice annually at our practice to allow for the early detection of caries and, if necessary, begin treatment.
From ages 6 to 18, we carry out what is known as an individual prophylaxis twice a year.

Here, we stain the teeth to make plaque visible, practice the correct way to brush your teeth, and seal the remaining molars. This makes it possible to keep all teeth healthy from childhood onwards. The costs for all these services are completely covered by the statutory health care providers.

Prophylaxis – Adults

If you notice that your gums bleed when brushing your teeth, then you should arrange an appointment at our practice. Healthy gums don’t bleed! Professional teeth cleaning can often remove the cause of bleeding gums. At our practice, you will be attended to by an experienced prophylaxis assistant.  You will undergo extensive cleaning and care of your teeth and the interdental spaces. Unattractive discoloration of the teeth will be carefully removed. The risk of heart attacks, strokes, etc., caused by bacteria from the gingival pockets is reduced.

Contact us if you require more information or have any questions – we are happy to help.