For treatment using fillings, we make a distinction between the treatment of the front teeth and lateral teeth. Front teeth with small defects can be treated using high-quality ceramic filling material in one sitting.

For the lateral teeth, we place more emphasis on the durability of our restoration due to the stress caused to the teeth by chewing. This is why we most commonly treat these defects using inlays; these are fillings which are fabricated in our laboratory and are perfectly fitted to your teeth and made of either tooth-colored ceramic or gold.


Inlays are the best treatment for caries in the lateral teeth. Inlays are fillings made from full ceramic (tooth-colored) or gold and are fabricated at our own laboratory. Unlike normal fillings, inlays are perfectly fitted to the chewing surface of the opposing dentition which enables even bite contact. Depending on how you care for them, inlays have a notably longer life expectancy than normal fillings.

Composite Fillings

If, despite intensive dental care, a small defect does develop, e.g., in the front teeth, nowadays we have the option of using tooth-colored ceramic fillings to treat the defect. Molars can also be treated using composite filling material (a mix of plastic and ceramic) as long as the defect is not too large.

The statutory health insurance provider covers only a small part of the cost of the high-quality filling; therefore, private additional payment is necessary.