Dear patients,

It is our wish that you stay healthy and we are therefore delighted to be able to offer you the full spectrum of dental care without any restrictions.

Ensuring your safety during dental examinations and therapies is our utmost priority.

We would like to briefly explain to you which technologies and organisational processes we have put in place to achieve this:

In order to further enhance the safety of you and our surgery team, we have installed high-performance UVC air sterilisation units in all treatment rooms and in the waiting room. This enables the room air to be completely purified; UVC light eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi around the clock. This technology is also used in operating theatres and in the food industry. The air is cleaned continuously; the UVC irradiation takes place inside the air sterilisation units allowing patients and staff to remain in the treatment room without disturbance.

We first invested in a chlorination system for our surgery a number of years ago. We only use freshly chlorinated water, which is continuously produced by our Blue Safety System and injected into all water-carrying pipes. This means that the resulting aerosol is completely free of viruses, bacteria or fungi before it reaches the oral cavity.

In order to provide you with optimum protection, all our employees wear mouth and nose protection at all times. If you have your own face covering, it is advisable to wear it as soon as you enter the surgery.  Depending on the type of treatment, FFP2 masks and visors are also used.

Upon entering the surgery, every patient must disinfect their hands and wear a face covering in the waiting room (just as is required when shopping). The chairs in the waiting room have been spaced out to allow for social distancing.

We make sure that there are not too many patients in the waiting room; if necessary, we may ask you to take a short walk around the Medicum before phoning you.

Patients who arrive at our practice suffering from a fever, cough, cold, or a loss of or change to their sense of taste may not be treated until 14 days after the onset of these symptoms.

Patients suffering from Covid-19, patients who have been tested and are still awaiting their test results or infected persons may not be treated in our practice, and patients who are in quarantine may not enter our practice.

Should this apply to you, please visit the specialist surgeries that have been equipped especially for this purpose only after prior arrangement by telephone (Schwerpunktpraxen pdf)

Kind regards from your dentists at Medicum,

Dr Iris van Husen , Dr Steffen Thau and the whole surgery team